8 Smart Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

Are you looking for ideas to increase the value of your home, here are the 8 smart ways to boost the value. No matter whether you’re planning for future endeavors or selling, these ideas will help to keep your home updated and attractive.

New roofing

A newly updated roof will come under the exterior improvement, it’s one of the best ways to increase the value quickly. It’s actually good to replace the roof every 12-25 years, it depends on the type of roof you have. If your roof shows the sign of curled edges, cracks, or missing granules, then replace it.

Clean and declutter

Cleaning and decluttering your home will increase more than $4,000 to its resale value. Potential buyers will look for a clean, pristine home right? so use your space better, keep it more organized, and have less clutter to stress over. Cleaning and decluttering are inexpensive but take more time to do. Clean out drawers and other storage areas of your home to give it a pleasant look.

Remodel your Kitchen

The kitchen is the most important area to be maintained, most people will spend their maximum time in the kitchen. An updated modern kitchen will be the most appealing amongst homebuyers. Countertops, updated appliances, new flooring, a fresh coat of paint, or adding a backsplash will make a change in the look of your kitchen.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

This will make your dull and scratched floor looks amazing and thus gives a pleasant feel. Instead of replacing the floor you can make changes to the existing floor and save money.

Remodel your Bathroom

Adding a new paint or wallpaper, updating the lighting fixtures, creating more storage, and fixing double sinks can increase the overall look and feel of your bathroom. 

Conserve Energy

Fix LED lighting, double-paned windows, or energy-efficient appliances to save energy. It’s a good idea to add solar panels to your roof for ultimate energy savings. Including energy-efficient products will add unique features that most homes don’t have.

New Appliances/Finishes:

Install new appliances or add new fixtures to increase the value of your home quickly. Also updating old light fixtures or changing doorknobs and handles will slowly add a unique feel to your home.

Add Technology

Technology is everywhere now, also it’s a huge hit in homes. Install smart cameras for security purposes, a smart thermostat for heating and cooling more effectively, and smart fire/carbon monoxide detectors.