10 Warning Signs Your Home Might Need Rewiring

Your electrical system must be maintained and looked atleast every 3-5 years, this might help you know the warning signs that your home may need to be rewired. Spotting the signs that your needs rewiring can prevent you from shocks, damaged appliances, also life-threatening house fires.

Here are 10 signs that electrical rewiring services prevent your family and property:

Breakers flipping or fuses blowing 

When you use several appliances at a time there are chances for circuit breakers to flip or fuse. If the electrical system is older then it will offer fewer amps when compared to new ones. 

Dimming or flickering lights

Some lights like fluorescent lights will always flicker. Incandescent or LED lights, shouldn’t flicker or dim. Suppose, if the LED lights start to flicker or dim then it’s a heavy sign of voltage fluctuations so electrical rewiring is mandatory. Loose wires or terminals in your system can lead to fire hazards.

Burned outlets

Brown or black charring around the outlet’s contact opening is the sign that a fire occurred. Fire will sparkle due to the result of a loose connection or faulty wiring causing a short.

Electrical shock

When plugging in appliances, if you get a mild shock then without delay unplug it immediately and make a call to an electrician. Shocks from connecting appliances are a sign of an improper earth-ground connection.

Cracked or damaged insulation

It could be caused by old wiring and insulation drying out and failing. If the old wiring is with poor insulation it’s a dangerous situation and may require home rewiring to correct the issue.

Burning smell

A burning smell near an outlet or from any electrical appliance is a sign of faulty wiring. As soon as you get to know about it, trap the circuit breaker for that particular portion of the home before unplugging.

Faulty light fixtures

Sometimes it may be hard to find or detect if only one fixture is the reason for your home’s electrical problems. This can be solved by replacing the fixture.

Buzzing noises

If you hear noise from wiring or switches, it’s a sign of overloaded wires or circuits. This is normal for lights on a dimmer and large appliance.

Aluminum wiring in the home

This was popular in the 60s and 70’s due to its affordability, the rate is cheaper than copper wiring. If you notice “AL” on your wiring then the connections between aluminum wiring and copper contacts may corrode easier. Over usage of appliances cause the aluminum expands and contracts more when heated.

Sparks from the outlets

A small blue spark that occasionally appears while plugging in or unplugging an appliance is perfectly normal. But, if a yellow spark happens every time you use the outlet, though? it’s a sign that you’re in trouble. Either the outlet or the wiring behind it is loose or damaged.