10 Most Important Marketing Tools When Selling Your Home

The MLS is one of the most important marketing tools, but it can only display a limited amount of information. One way to increase conversions and expand listing information is to create a blog post. Use a strong blend of text and graphics to educate leads, build SEO value, and keep visitors engaged. Here are 10 marketing tools for selling your home. Listed below:

Instagram – With targeted ads, Instagram is perfect for promoting a listing. Its visual format allows users to easily browse through properties, see photos and see the interior design of the home. Pinterest is also a great place to post photos. This social media platform is rapidly becoming one of the top sites for sharing photos and information. The best part is, anyone can post their photos. You can even create an account to share your home with friends and family.

Listing – The listing is the first place buyers will see your home. Make sure it is a well-written description highlighting your home’s features. Use an agent to help you write your listing description, but make sure it speaks about your home’s unique selling points. Using a video with your listing has a 300% click-through rate. Using a video in an email can increase the click-through rate of your listing by 300%.

Social media – Your social media presence is critical for your listing to attract potential buyers. Using real estate portals to post listing information can help you generate more leads. These portals also allow you to utilize advertising solutions to reach a larger audience. However, many buyers come from outside your local market and you need to build strong connections locally. Make sure to announce your listing locally. High-quality mailings will alert current residents and those in their networks about the listing. They will also keep your listing top-of-mind for them as they will receive marketing mailers from you.

When it comes to choosing a real estate agent, it’s essential to research their credentials. Moreover, be sure to ask your agent about their marketing ideas. After all, buying a home is a life-changing decision. If you haven’t researched these marketing tools before hiring an agent, it may be too late. The hottest real estate agents are those who can help you reach your real estate goals and build a reputation for yourself.

First CRM – Besides being a database grooming tool, this software also allows real estate agents to track leads. Another tool that can help them track leads is Calendly, a meeting scheduling tool that eliminates the need to use emails. By integrating Calendly into a real estate website, visitors can choose a time slot and leave their contact information, which is then redistributed to realtors.